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SPS joins the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

September 16, 2015StevePress ReleasesComments Off on SPS joins the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

Sustainable Power Systems has joined as a member of the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster, an economic development organization. CCEC is aimed at attracting, incubating and growing primary jobs in Colorado in the area of clean energy through formal partnerships between clean energy companies, the public sector and higher education. To learn more about CCEC visit

Empowering opportunities and generating results: that is what Sustainable Power Systems aims to do through our new membership with Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (CCEC). CCEC is currently working on projects to upgrade the Boulder Reservoir Water Treatment Plant, develop the first CNG/EV/ Propane fueling stations in Colorado, and aid FortZED on ongoing initiatives. To learn more about CCEC’s recent projects visit:

As a unique statewide organization fostering market transformation for clean energy, CCEC is focused on innovative and entrepreneurial ways to grow the clean energy sector through actionable projects and initiatives that directly benefit Colorado clean energy companies. Sustainable Power Systems is very proud to announce our official membership!