Sustainable Power Systems

Many off-grid sites possess excellent wind and solar resources, allowing renewable electric generation at from $0.05 to 0.20/kWh, depending on location and system size. Adding wind turbines or solar arrays to existing diesel power systems can yield dramatic fuel savings, with a corresponding reduction in net cost of energy. There are tens of thousands of off-grid diesel power plants operating in the world today. Together these represent a multi-gigawatt and multi-billion dollar opportunity to displace expensive and dirty diesel generation with clean and cost-effective renewable energy.

However, adding a large amount of renewable energy capacity to isolated power systems represents a significant technical challenge. Individual power system components (diesel generators, wind turbines, photo voltaic inverters, etc.) are generally not designed to work together in harmony. Their operation must be carefully coordinated so as to achieve reliable electricity supply, power system dynamic stability, and maximum fuel savings. Sustainable Power Systems has developed a full suite of modular and flexible power components and control systems that integrate and manage power generation from different sources: wind, solar, and diesel.

Sustainable Power Systems is primarily a technology provider.  We leverage our technical abilities by working with various regional project developers and service organizations around the world to design, construct, and support renewable hybrid power systems that will provide maximum value to the end user for many years to come.