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Sustainable Power Systems’ products enable our customers achieve maximum utilization of the available renewable energy resources, providing environmental sustainability.  They are also designed to be affordable, reliable, and maintainable, providing economic sustainability.

The fundamental task of any electric power system is to deliver electricity reliably and at a well regulated frequency and voltage. Sustainable Power Systems has created a suite of products that work together to achieve this end.

Universal Microgrid Controller

HSSC System Status

The Universal Microgrid Controller™ (UMC) is a powerful microgrid controller that serves as the heart of a microgrid. Whether you wish to power a small farm or a small city, the UMC delivers stable and reliable electricity. The Universal Microgrid Controller™ determines how much renewable energy can be integrated into your microgrid, directly impacting how much carbon emissions will be offset and how much money you save. The Universal Microgrid Controller™ can create true energy independence, whether from the grid or another fuel source such as diesel.

The UMC is a fully-integrated microgrid monitoring and control system that orchestrates the operation of a wide variety of power system components including wind turbines, photo-voltaic arrays, diesel generators, secondary loads, and energy storage devices.

The Universal Microgrid Controller™ addresses the technical challenges of microgrid deployment and operations, ensuring a microgrid is constantly operating at peak performance while decreasing the costs and environmental impact associated with energy production. The UMC is a repeatable solution specifically for microgrids that is 95% replicable across the microgrid spectrum.

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Frequency Stabilizing Secondary Load Controller

SLC & Boiler

Secondary loads, such as electric boilers, are needed in hybrid power systems to dissipate excess renewable energy and maintain system stability. Our HW (Hot Water) Secondary Load Controller (SLC) precisely regulates power flow to an electric boiler by rapidly switching an array of solid-state relays connected to individual boiler heating elements. Because of its very fast response, the SLC can actually control the frequency of the micro-grid, allowing the diesels to be shut down during periods of high wind, reducing fuel consumption and diesel maintenance costs. During diesel operation, the SLC minimizes load fluctuations on the diesel generator, prolonging its life and improving frequency regulation.

 The SLC product line has recently been extended to include a Water Pumping Secondary Load Controller that controls a variable speed water pump so as to provide continuous real-time control the water pumping electric load. This may be used, for example, to match the load of a large irrigation pump, to the fluctuating power output of a wind turbine, thereby minimizing the need for diesel backup or energy storage.

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Synchronous Condenser

Synchronous Condenser

Synchronous condensers are a well-established technology for providing reactive power and correcting power factor in industrial settings. Sustainable Power Systems’ Synchronous Condensers are specially designed to meet the needs of hybrid renewable power systems. When paralleled with diesel generators, they assist the diesels in regulating voltage. During high wind and/or solar periods, the diesel generators are turned off, and the Synchronous Condenser handles voltage control on its own.

Our Synchronous Condenser Controller (SCC) allows a renewable energy hybrid system to operate at proper voltage when the backup generator is switched off, or is operated near unity power factor when paralleled with a generator. A digital voltage regulator adjusts the DC field current of the synchronous generator to control the terminal voltage. When operating in parallel with the backup generator (or electric grid) the adjustment of the DC field current controls reactive power on the lines, maximizing the amount of work that can be done with the power delivered.

The SCC can be controlled remotely by a supervisory controller or locally with the touch screen interface. The touch screen operation is limited to the parallel configuration mentioned above for quality control and safety reasons. The SCC actively monitors for fault conditions and will automatically shut down the synchronous generator if necessary.

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Grid-Forming Inverter

Kokhanok GFI

Energy storage (usually batteries or flywheels) is increasingly used in renewable hybrid power systems to increase reliability of supply, improve power quality, and minimize diesel run time and fuel consumption. Unlike most large energy storage power converters, which must be grid-connected to operate, we work with carefully selected third party power converters that are specifically designed for off-grid applications, where they can either be paralleled with diesel generators or operate standalone. When integrated with our hybrid system supervisory controller, we use proprietary algorithms to manage battery state of charge and maximize battery life. We also plan to leverage our expertise in storage systems to develop storage converters for on-grid distributed generation applications, allowing the Company to expand its market and participate in the Smart Grid revolution.

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