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umc-front-medium-fileThe Universal Microgrid Controller™ (UMC) is a powerful microgrid controller that serves as the heart of a microgrid. Whether you wish to power a small farm or a small city, the UMC delivers stable and reliable electricity. The Universal Microgrid Controller™ determines how much renewable energy can be integrated into your microgrid, directly impacting how much carbon emissions will be offset and how much money you save. The Universal Microgrid Controller™ can create true energy independence, whether from the grid or another fuel source such as diesel.

The UMC is a fully-integrated microgrid monitoring and control system that orchestrates the operation of a wide variety of power system components including wind turbines, photo-voltaic arrays, diesel generators, secondary loads, and energy storage devices.

The Universal Microgrid Controller™ addresses the technical challenges of microgrid deployment and operations, ensuring a microgrid is constantly operating at peak performance while decreasing the costs and environmental impact associated with energy production. The UMC is a repeatable solution specifically for microgrids that is 95% replicable across the microgrid spectrum.

Universal Microgrid Controller™ features:

  • Universal — applicable to a wide spectrum of microgrids
  • Drop-in Deployment — fast and easy to deploy with minimal customization
  • Controls microgrids using up to 100% renewable energy
  • Highly-scalable, flexible and extensible — can be adapted as your microgrid configuration changes
  • Cybersecure — uses a dedicated microgrid computer network with multi-layer password protection, encrypted data, VLANs for traffic segregation, firewalls and smart switches
  • “Self-healing” microgrid — maintains system integrity, reliability and stability should a power generation source go off-line
  • Automated data-logging, trending and report generation
  • Remote microgrid monitoring, (ensures long-term viability and ability to support those microgrids in far remote locations)
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Dispatch optimization
  • Intuitive user interface

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