Sustainable Power Systems

Synchronous condenserSynchronous condensers are a well-established technology for providing reactive power and correcting power factor in industrial settings. Sustainable Power Systems’ Synchronous Condensers are specially designed to meet the needs of hybrid renewable power systems. When paralleled with diesel generators, they assist the diesels in regulating voltage. During high wind and/or solar periods, the diesel generators are turned off, and the Synchronous Condenser handles voltage control on its own.

Our Synchronous Condenser Controller (SCC) allows a renewable energy hybrid system to operate at proper voltage when the backup generator is switched off, or is operated near unity power factor when paralleled with a generator. A digital voltage regulator adjusts the DC field current of the synchronous generator to control the terminal voltage. When operating in parallel with the backup generator (or electric grid) the adjustment of the DC field current controls reactive power on the lines, maximizing the amount of work that can be done with the power delivered.

The SCC can be controlled remotely by a supervisory controller or locally with the touch screen interface. The touch screen operation is limited to the parallel configuration mentioned above for quality control and safety reasons. The SCC actively monitors for fault conditions and will automatically shut down the synchronous generator if necessary.

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